The first TB Buti collection saw the light in 2001 in the central premises of Via Tornabuoni, in the heart of the old city centre of Florence. Presented for the first time at the Basel International Fair in 2002, to date the company boasts 3,500 pieces distributed at international level in 12 countries (not just in Europe, but also in North America, South America, Russia, Japan and the Arab countries) and sold in 80 luxury shops. TB Buti, with these figures, is making its mark on the world scene, every day offering different groundbreaking solutions of style and materials. In September 2008, as well as transferring its operational headquarters to Piazza della Repubblica, the company also opened its first boutique in Florence, in Via della Vigna Nuova, the second in Italy after that of Porto Cervo.

In its creations, TB Buti synthesizes the concepts of taste and craftsmanship, proper to Made in Italy, the non plus ultra of Swiss technological quality and the meticulous precision of the gear trains. The result is a "whatch-jewel", important in both dimensions and stylistic details and enhanced by a major emotional component. Tommaso Buti and his staff, monitor the production process from conception through to the final packaging: he designs the watches, personally taking care of sourcing and selecting the materials and project the decorative elements. From the buckle to the straps and the packaging, every single element of the TB Buti watch is created entirely by hand. Quality, craftsmanship, sophisticated style and technological reliability. All in a single high-bracket watch. Italian Luxury...from "T" (tradition) to "B" (buongusto) .